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Strategic Partners

Higher standards. Smarter wealth solutions.

We partner with some of the industry’s most respected firms to bring a wider range of expertise and a higher standard of service to our clients looking to simplify their lives. Together, our sophisticated wealth solutions solve the complex issues, from tax mitigation to succession plans, all while nurturing a relationship built upon a foundation of trust.

Investment Banking

Investing confidence in action.

With over 150 years of experience, Corner Capital is a leading national advisory firm with unmatched insight and analysis across a wide range of sectors. As the primary investment banking partner of G Squared, Corner Capital consistently delivers smarter transactional solutions to monetize and finance private businesses held by our mutual clients. The result isn’t just lasting confidence, but also long-term relationships.

Like G Squared, Corner Capital’s clients/transactions often involve a multi-year planning process to prepare for an exit to optimize and structure a successful transaction. G Squared and Corner Capital work together during these strategic decisions to ensure our clients’ goals and objectives are met.

Financial Advisor Transition

Transitions you can trust.

6 Degrees Wealth knows that you have built a personal relationship with your clients with trust at its core. We believe that trust must also be at the core of any client transition too. 6 Degrees is an independent firm built on the principles of financial planning and sound values, unencumbered by corporate mandates. Together with G Squared, the 6 Degrees team partners with wirehouses and advisors to continue to deliver the personal boutique experience your clients value. We are committed to guiding your clients through a seamless transition and continuing the legacy you have built.

Strategic Relationships

Throughout our combined 50+ years of advising clients, we have developed relationships with the preeminent accounting and legal minds in the country. Our mandate is to deliver a choice of the best-in-class resources to help our clients achieve their objective. Whether that is the transfer of wealth to the next generations or to efficiently navigate the complexities of a liquidity event.